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          The hairdressing & beauty therapy academies are Dermalogica appointed salons. The Dermalogica ethos is grounded on the importance that products for a healthy skin care regime should be recommended by a professional skin therapist. Dermalogica is currently the most requested, professional-use-only skin care product in the world. We offer a full range of their skin care products and use these Dermalogica products in our professional treatments.

          更多信息请访问 www.dermalogica.com/uk


          The hairdressing & beauty therapy academies use Matrix hair care products. Matrix is the #1 salon brand in the USA, and has now become one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of high quality hair products and education for salon professionals in Ireland. With a focus on smart tech innovations, the extensive Matrix portfolio includes haircare, hair colour, styling and texture products as well as unique treatments and services. Matrix high quality products are designed to meet the needs of salon professionals and their clients.

          更多信息请访问 www.matrixhaircare.co.uk


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